Premier Flour

Premier Flour Mills, is one of the leading wheat flour producers In Nigeria. We manufacture Fine Flour having high nutritional level for the proper development and growth of body. We also offer Pure Fine Flour having high proportion of starch – a complex form of carbohydrates. For making soft as well as healthy Bread, we offer white whole wheat flour. Our wheat flour products are widely used in the preparation of cookies, breads, biscuits, pizzas, buns etc.

We bring wide range of Wheat Flour Products, Fine Flour (Plain Aata), Pure Fine, Baking Flour (Maida), Bran (Choker) and Weighbridge and we are most popular amongst many flour consuming companies all over Nigeria.

We understand the need of product specific flour and have made special flours for specific products. This has enabled us to delve further into the science of flour milling and create products that are more customer friendly. Our aim is to provide the best and this will always encourage us to manufacture products that completely satisfy our customers’ needs.

In Premier Flour Mills, we do believe in excellence in production, quality control, logistics, and customer satisfaction. As the first step of Total Quality Management, we have acquired ISO 9001 by BVQI and quality and hygiene standards.

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