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October 25, 2016
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October 25, 2016

The brand was launched into the Nigerian market in July 2009 and has many loyal consumers, most of whom adored the brand after their first trial.

It is positioned as a premium ball food enriched with nutrients and strength for growth. Our Semolina brand is, without exaggeration, the best quality in Nigeria.

The demand is very high, outstripping our production capacity as a result of which we had to expand our semolina extraction capability later in 2006 after its introduction and then again in 2007. Further capacity expansion was done in 2009 and 2013 respectively.


Honeywell Semolina comes in a unique and colourful packaging, easily identifiable (looks green-white-green).


  • Honeywell Semolina is superfine in nature, and creamier in colour than other semolina brands. This gives it a very good look and feel.
  • Honeywell Semolina’s quality allows it to turn into a jelly paste quickly during preparation. This makes it very easy for busy housewives and other domestic servants to prepare without stress.
  • Honeywell Semolina absorbs more water than other brands and therefore gives higher yield. This is important for large families (especially DE income group) and food vendors.
  • Honeywell Semolina moulds very well in the hand, comparable or even better than pounded yam – it doesn’t break and mess up the hand.
  • Honeywell Semolina has a unique, pleasant taste and aroma in the mouth making for pleasurable eating.
  • Honeywell Semolina retains its freshness, firmness and consistency for much longer after preparation; so it can be prepared well ahead and kept in the cooler. It is especially appropriate for dinners at home, for group outings, and for restaurants/food vendors.

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